The Norton Line Inc.
110 West Ocean Blvd.
Suite 347-349
Long Beach, CA 90802, USA
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The Norton Line Inc.Shanghai

20th Floor, 2000 N.Zhongshan Rd,
Shanghai 200063, P.R.C.
Tel: 86-21-5127 5008
Fax: 86-21-5127 5020
The Norton Line offers a wide range of inbound and outbound logistics services both at cargo origins and destinations. Such services include the traditional cargo forwarding by ocean, air or ocean/air combined transportation mode, customs clearance, inland transportation, container stuffing and de-stuffing, etc. We also provide customer-tailored services such as bonded warehousing, order-tracking, just-in-time local delivery, one-stop ˇ°shoppingˇ±, etc. In addition, in the Sino-US trade, NLX is one of the US-Customs-approved bonded Automated Manifest System members, which enables NLX to have direct control over this critical link of the logistics chain at the US destination for fast cargo clearance and release.

When our customer has a need, we have the solution!

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