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The Norton Line Inc.Shanghai

20th Floor, 2000 N.Zhongshan Rd,
Shanghai 200063, P.R.C.
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Fax: 86-21-5127 5020
Unlike most NVO¡¯s (non-vessel operators) or ITO¡¯s, the Norton Line is part of an illustrious maritime tradition that spans almost two centuries of shipping history. Founded in 1841 by John Norton, the Norton Line has evolved from a ship operator and premier general ship agents to a full service global logistics provider.

Carrying on the same tradition of quality, innovation and excellence that John Norton began over 160 years ago, NLX/Norton Line offers shippers the value-added advantages, reliability and stability that other logistics companies cannot provide, especially in the trade of US/Asia Pacific, China/Australia, China and US/Iraq, China and US/India. Headquartered in Long Beach, California, USA with its regional headquarters in Shanghai, China, the Norton Line has a proven track record in Sino-transportation illustrating it¡¯s strength, experience and endurance against the tough challenges of doing business in China. The combination of being non-asset based, having a talented, well-respected team of management and staff and solid relationships with customers/vendors, places the Norton Line in an excellent competitive position as a long-term provider of logistics services. Supported by its network of proprietary offices and business associates worldwide, the Norton Line is truly a logistics company offering its customers an array of choices of flexible transportation schedules and cargo forwarding/NVO services not only in cargo originating places but at destinations. Our continuous investment in people has rewarded us with staff¡¯s capabilities of handling and coordinating our customers¡¯ logistics needs in professional and international perspective and with efficient communication skills.

Second only to its people, the Norton Line bases its model for success upon its enormous experience in the international logistics arena and its software platforms/applications, which have enabled the company to thrive in a traditionally difficult logistics market.
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